An Occupational Hazard is James Wrethman’s first novel.
Not surprisingly it is set in the Casino Industry where he has spent the greater part of his life. Starting as a casino croupier in Glasgow he had graduated to management by the early 1970’s and held senior positions with three of the leading British gaming companies of that period.
A number of years were then spent setting up casinos on cruise ships calling at ports in Australia and the Far East.

He later opened and operated casinos in Spain, Nigeria and Yugoslavia, his period in the latter terminated by the outbreak of war. Next came Poland and Slovakia during their transition to democracy followed by a spell in Peru. He moved to Russia at the start of the 90’s just in time to be in close attendance during Yelsin’s assault on the White House (The Duma).

All those experiences, he feels, will give him ample material for future novels. He has regularly written articles for Press and Gaming publications some of which can be found on this site
He remains consultant to various Gaming and Leisure companies and is on the Board of Solna Leisure AB of Sweden.

James is married with one son and grandson and when not travelling on business lives alternatively in West London and Mallorca, Spain.

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